Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hey everyone.  There is a particular nursery that has been on my mind for years that I want to share with you all.  Now I am not just sharing it with you to call the person out but rather bring to the forefront safety and COMMON SENSE!!

Here is that pic;

Behold this lovely Nursery.  This room was published many years ago- I can't remember whether it was Canadian House and Home or Style at Home- doesn't matter but if you know can you drop me a line to confirm.
Anyways......  Can you see what is wrong here??  When I first saw this pic in the magazine all those years ago I said, " Come on, you have got to be kidding me!!"  First of all it is a very lovely room.  Very calm, very serene.  However, how calm will it be when the child tries to climb that ladder and half kills themselves!
Seriously?? And that child WILL climb it.  They are all little Houdini's- it's crazy but true!  I am SO sick of magazines printing crap like this.  Stuff like inappropriate objects, nonfunctional kitchens etc... all in the name of a vignette!  Come on you are better than that.
Now in all fairness I hope that the ladder is bolted beyond measure to the wall- it would have been nice of the magazine to include such info so that crazies like me don't go off half cocked.
But here's the thing.....It seems that common sense is lacking these days.  Things that seem to be very obvious to me seem to be rocket science to others- do you feel that way sometimes?
I truly hope that ladder is bolted and if it is I apologize, however I still wanted to discuss it because it does bring up a valid point.

Many times when we get caught up in the excitement of decorating, we think of the fabric, the colour, the MONEY!!  But the one thing that seems to get lost is the FUNCTION.  That is the one thing that got drilled into us in Design school.  Without function- really what is the point?  It is so easy to make something look pretty, but if it doesn't function then it's all fluff.  And I don't know about you but I am getting tired of all the fluff.  People who CALL themselves designers without actually truly thinking about the space they are SUPPOSED to be designing.  This is especially true of children's spaces.  They are completely different creatures than we are.  They THINK completely differently.  Take that ladder for instance.  To us it is great place to hang things, to kids it's a great place to HANG FROM!  You have to think like a kid. Get on your hands and knees and see from THEIR perspective.  And always think SAFETY.  If you even think the child has an inkling they might- well my friend I can guarantee they WILL.

So again, I am not here to be catty- just trying to open some eyes and see a different perspective is all.

Anyways....  Have a great day everyone.

P.S  I will keep "calling" people out- if you put it out there-especailly you magazines that chose to print without thinking first. I might just have to put my two cents worth in!

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  1. Very true! That lamp would be knocked over as soon as the baby starts crawling too.