Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I was at Fabricland today intending on buying some white linen (which I did) that I wanted to make some special tea towels.  I am going to do a painted Ombre stripe on them- more to come later....
Anyways....when I was there I happened upon some fabric that has already been elasticized and gathered on one end....  So......  In order to make a dress all I have to do is sew one seam- YES!!  ONE SEAM! NOW YOU ARE TALKING MY FRIEND!! Oh and a hem of course!  I am going to add spaghetti straps so the girls are a little more secure or at least I am!!  I would love to go strapless but alas, so NOT happening.
Here is that lovely fabric.....

I haven't even done anything yet and it already looks like a dress- just my kinda project.  I know that I have sewn pretty much everything-you name it I have probably sewn it, but sometimes you just want to do something easy!
Yes those are indeed my toes!!  I was just too lazy to take another pic!  But doesn't it already look like a dress??  They had so many fabrics to choose from but you know me- I love all things Red White and Blue!!
I was amazed when I saw this fabric.  Normally this type of dress isn't my thing but I thought for the price- cost being $16.00 for the piece ($10.00/metre), why not.  I thought I could wear it as a beach cover up, or a dress to hang out in.  Normally dresses for me are very challenging- I am 5'4"ish!!  Not small in the breast area and I am short waisted.  So dresses don't generally fit me off the rack.  I love shift dresses but most of the time they don't fit-mostly due to being short waisted.  I think that I fell for the pattern and colour in this fabric.

Just look how gorgeous she is!!!

So when I am done- which won't take too long I will post about it.
Generally, I am not a huge fan of Fabricland.  I don't think they carry great Home Dec fabric-sorry Fabricland.  They are great for the basics though- thread, buttons, some fashion fabrics...  But I feel they could be so much better if they improved on their Home Dec fabrics- places like Calico Corners and kick their butt!!  But since I live here in Canada I can't buy from Calico Corners.  I can only drool and get inspiration from their website!!  But I will say,that this fabric I found, well.... they hit it out of the park- this time!!

Have a great day everyone.

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