Monday, May 28, 2012


I bought a couple of Navy lanterns from Ikea a while back (they still have the lanterns but I think they come in Black or White now).  So when I repainted the living room I thought that red would really stand out and add a little punch to the space.
Here is what the lantern looked like before:

So if I were to do an equation........

I love the new look of the lantern!!  I used Krylon Gloss Cherry Red!  And it is fabulous!!  I picked up a can at Walmart for $4.00!  And I think it was worth every penny!!

The Cherry Red is the perfect Red to compliment my Dining Room Colour- Para, Hottie.
It also looks great against the blue I painted the living room- Morning Jog by Allen and Roth(Valspar).
I will be sharing pics over the next little while as we get things done in the house.  The Dining Room is almost done!  The trim looks AWESOME!!!  I have such a great handy husband!

Have a great day everyone!!
P.S- the flowers are courtesy of my backyard- The red one is a Heuchera and the whitish pink is a Silver Dollar (I think).


  1. Very nice restyle.....found you at Favorite Paint Colors! Stop by for a blog visit.

  2. Any tips on getting even coverage on an item like this (like painting the inside and all the hard to reach spots)?

    1. Yes! First you have to take the glass panes out. You will need to bend the metal holders inside so the glass will come out. We then took them outside and hung them on the clothesline with a hook so that it was hanging. It is easier to do it outside anyways. If you don't have a clothesline- hang it from a branch of a tree, just make sure that it is hanging in some fashion. Make sure that the door of the lantern is open. Then with light sprays, spray the inside first then the outside. The inside is quite easily accessible with all of glass taken out. We did 3 light coats. I know the instinct is to spray like mad but be patient. Spray multiple light coats. Let dry. Put the glass back in and bend clips back into place. Enjoy, your done! I hope this helps. It really does make a difference to do it outside. Let me know how you make out!!

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