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Hey Everyone!   Hope you are all well.  Either I am having lingering issues from my Sinus problems I was having or I have acquired something new!  Either way not feeling all that great today... but must press on!
I saw an amazing Blanket pattern and yarn at Purl Bee.  For those that are unfamiliar... the Purl Bee is a great blog that provides great knitting/crochet patterns, yarn, fabric and other craft ideas.  Ideally it promotes it's yarn,  which I am all for by the way.  It truly is a great way to promote oneself when one has a product to sell.  They have amazing yarns and if you are ever in the New York area then this should be on your places to see list.  I however, have not had the privilege to make the pilgrimage YET!!  I have however, an amazing dear friend that has been known to hook a girl up with a thing or two when she makes that said pilgrimage.  Your other option is to buy online.  Thank goodness for online purchasing!
Anyways..... I saw this amazing blanket....

As you all know I am more of a knitter than a crocheter...... but seeing this amazing blanket makes me want to take up the hook!!  I LOVE this pattern.  I love the use of colour.  It is such a great modern interpretation of an amazing classic.

Now.... it is made with this amazing yarn:

It so amazingly squishy!!  It is 100% Peruvian Merino Wool, 100g, 87yds, 11sts/4.  No matter the project it will knit up quickly.  Gotta love instant gratification!  It is pricey though.... $19.50 US per skein!!  Which is fine if one were to make a cowl. 

In the above blanket it takes...... 58 skeins of various colours, info is on the instruction page.  58!!  Now if one were to calculate that.....  $1131.00US!!!!!  Now that would be one amazing gift or heirloom.......
The rest of us however live in the real world and CANNOT spend that much on a project.  Oh to dream....  Well... even if I did have the means I don't think I could bring myself to spend that much on a blanket... but who knows!
Anyways there are many other options out there where you don't have to completely drain your savings to make this lovely beauty.
Some other options would be....

This would be my first option as it would have a similar(not exactly, I know, but it is close-ish!!) feel to the Purl Bee yarn.  I believe it sells for $7.99/skein.  But as we know you could use your Michael's coupon to reduce the price by 40%.  So the Giant project would cost $331.18.  Still pricey but way more affordable.
I have used this yarn in the past and it is really lovely and cozy.  The yarn content at 50%/Wool/50% Acrylic which  makes it really soft and not scratchy.  I made my own blanket out of this yarn and the kids love to snuggle with it while watching TV.  The gauge is 9sts/4".  Which makes it slightly bigger but totally doable!!

Another option is:

This yarn is another great option.  I believe it sells for $9.99 here in Canada.  But, once again one can use a coupon to help lower the cost.  If one were to use their 40% off coupon then the total price would be....
$414.12.  Again... pricey but way better than the original cost with the original yarn.  This yarn is *0% Acrylic/20% Wool.  The funny thing about this wool is that you would think that it would feel softer than the cozy wool, but in my opinion it does NOT feel as nice as the cozy wool. The gauge is 9sts/4".  Again the gauge is slightly bigger but that is easily adjusted.

A final option would be....

This final option would be great for people that do not want any Wool whatsoever in their yarn.... I know a few of those people myself!  It is 100% Acrylic.  I myself have used this yarn for little projects and it is super soft,economical and really nice to work with.  If you are new to knitting and don't want to spend a fortune on yarn or want to try a thicker gauged yarn then you should try this one.  It's gauge is 11sts/4".  I believe this yarn usually sells for $5.99, however, with the coupon this project would be $248.24.  This is by far the most economical.  And if you aren't that jazzed with a blanket with wool then this might just be your yarn for this project.

I just want to say that I love the yarn that the Purl Bee staff made this amazing blanket with.  However, for those of us on a budget or could never possible buy the yarn used I have provided a few economical options for making this amazing blanket.  And, if you are lucky enough to find a less expensive yarn then drop me a line and comment here.  I know that we all love to see a bargain!

Have a great day everyone.

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