Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Hey Everyone.....Loving the Olympics.....still watching as much as I can.  I am so proud of our Athletes, they are doing an amazing job!  Nothing like hearing your National Anthem!
Today I have an amazing little architectural gem.  There is just something about converting a building from something that was a more commercial application whether it be a barn, factory or even a church into a home.  I especially love church conversions.  I can't put into words how much I love a great church conversion.
This one hails from Melbourne, Australia.  Like I needed another reason to love all things Australian!!  What I love about this conversion is that they left the front facade very much intact.  There is absolutely no question that this used to be a church.  I know that the addition may not be everyones cup of tea, however I really like it. I love the way in which they have tried to meld this two by adding the posts to the front of the main part of the church with the materials of the new addition.  Its the kind of reno that isn't trying to be something it's not.  Some may think that there isn't any connection between the two but I beg to differ.  The vaulting of the new addition mimics the old.  The strong horizontal line above the garage mimics the horizontal lines found in the wood of the original.  I will say I do like the juxtaposition of the square window in the new addition as compated to the arched and round windows of the old.  In short- I really like it.  I only wish we had more opportunities in this area to do the same.  It seems that you would have better luck in the UK to pick up one of these little lovelies.  Enjoy this great little reno.

I love how they opened up the back.  I really like how they used glass into the corner to really open up the backside.  I too love that arched window on the second floor-simply stunning.  The lines here in the back are just so lovely.

Just look at those amazing brackets.  I loves me a great bracket-especially ones as big as those.

So there you have it folks a great conversion.  The builder of this great project was Bagnatto Architects.

Have a great day everyone.


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