Friday, June 22, 2012


Just a quick posting today.  Really just a Mom bragging about her awesome Son.  My 12 year old had a year end project to do.   And boy did he work his tail off!!  But then again he is my son.  We don't do any thing half way!   It was a 3 parter.  The assignment was to read a book or to re-read a book you have only read once and do a 3 part project on it.  He chose to do the Hunger Games.  I have never seen him devour a book the way he did this book and this series.
The 1st part was to present a "book bag".  In that book bag he had to present 8 objects that were from the book.  Some he collected.  Some he built from Lego.  If you are at all familiar with the book then you will know the significance of those objects.

1. We charred a loaf of bread with him.  Bread of course being a main theme that ran through the book.
2. He made a Mockingjay Pin- downloaded an image and them glued a safety pin on the back.

3.  He had a piece of coal- you can just make it out behind the pin- it represented District 12.

4. He built a Cornicopia out of all things..... Lego:

5.  He compared the have's and have not's between District 12 and the Capitol:

6.  He showed a broken bottle representing Haymitch as an alcoholic and a broken man.

7.  He showed a sign that had arrows for life choices.  Just like the choices that Katniss had to make in her own life.

And last but not least my absolute favourite:

8.  His Tracker Jacker made out of Lego:

When he came to me with his rendition of a Tracker Jacker (a mutated Wasp) I was so chuffed!  I mean- it totally rocks!!  I just love how his mind works.  This little guy will NOT be pulled apart EVER!  I love it!

The 2nd part he did a Poster and then a Venn Diagram comparing himself with Peeta.  He totally rocked the Poster:

The assignment had to have quotes in them as if other authors had read the books and was providing a quote for the poster.

The 3rd part was creating a board game.  He chose to create a completely different game than the usual.  By usual I mean, not Monopoly or some other game that was easy to use as a backdrop.  In all honesty he came to me with his first idea stating that he wanted to create a game similar to Monopoly.  I said "NO outright".  I wanted him to use his imagination and create something completely unique and all his own.  And he delivered!

He conceptuallized the whole thing and then we just helped him with the computer part.  We did it in Corel.
He created cards for 'battling" in the game- "Supplies", "Tributes", and "Weapons". 
We played it tonight to make sure that it was playable.  And you know what?  It was actually fun- way to go Aidan!!

Anyways- thanks for indulging me.  When I started this blog I never intended on sharing other parts of my life.  It was just going to be me and design- Period.  But somehow design and other parts of my life just kind of meld.  Whether it's me designing, my husband bringing my ideas to life or my kids and their love of lego and building- It's all design really.

Have a great day everyone.

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