Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey everyone- just a quick posting today!!  Had a bad day with a Roman Shade I am making for the dining room.  Lets just say that all was not well here in the Casa.  In fact it was very frustrating.  But I plugged away and figured out another way to make the Roman Shade.  I made Romans for my Mum-In-Law last week and thought I would use the same technique- well that was a huge fail.  My fabric and blackout lining was way to thick to do that same as I did hers.  So......  I figured out another way and behold- got it done.  We are currently mounting them tonight.  I still have to make the valance for the front of the shade but hopefully I will get to that tomorrow.  I also have to finish up my little tutorial for sewing with Vinyl.  I was hoping to get it up erly in the week-well that didn't happen-hopefully I will get that one up soon!

But just wanted to let you know that I will be starting to paint the kitchen next...... with......

I truly love this colour.  I cannot wait to paint in there.  It will look great with all of my Red and Blue accents.
More to come...........

A similar colour to Morning Jog is Whispering Spring 2136-70 by Benjamin Moore.  Again it is a watery blue.  Morning Jog is a cleaner version and less muted than Whispering Spring.
Here are some other pics and projects that have used Whispering Spring.  Hope it gives a little inspiration to everyone:

Another Similar colour to Morning Jog is Topsail by Sherwin Williams.  I have talked about this beautiful watery blue in a previous posting- "My Favourite Watery Blues".  I am adding a couple of pics here:

Topsail-Sherwin Williams

This gorgeous bedroom is by Phoebe Howard.

Have a great day everyone!

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