Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hey Everyone....I came across this amazing build that I JUST HAD TO SHARE.  Let me just say that I want to move in....or at least....build one like it....I hope you enjoy:

I truly love this home.  I can't make up my mind what I love most-all of it I guess!!  And that "play house" out back- Sigh!!
This amazing build is by Great Neighbourhood Homes.  Isn't it stunning?  Lovely??  So liveable?  I LOVE IT!!

I know I haven't been around much as of late......I have been struggling a bit as far as the blog goes.  Feeling like I have been having a bit of writers block and all that.  I truly love sharing my passion with you all.  I just haven't been feeling myself lately.  Hopefully all will be back to normal soon.

Thanks for stopping by........and sharing in a little Craftsman love!!

Have a great day everyone.

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