Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hey Everyone....just a quick posting today.....just had to put my opinion out there about the following:

Now let me start by saying I AM NOT A FASHION EXPERT!  I do pride myself on knowing about colour, fabrics and design in general.  However, where on God's green earth is it ever OK to wear Sweatpants and Heels??  I mean come on......  Don't get me wrong,  I am all for personal expression.  If putting on heels with a pair of sweats floats YOUR boat-then fine.  However, I think I speak for a lot of people and I may be a traditional kinda gal.....but under NO circumstances would I EVER wear this.  I think the majority of people would agree with me on this one.  I really think the outfit on the left is totally cute- would defiinitely wear that one.....the one on the Right NO WAY!!  Personally I think they totally missed the boat with that one.
I get it......they are trying to be different, trying to mix it up a little....but really??  Really??  First of all they don't even fit the model properly.  Secondly, if you buy them too tight- Yikes-would look horrible.  If you buy them too loose they would totally bag at the butt!.  Not a nice look for anyone, especially if you were to wear it with a jacket as shown....baggy butt and great jacket do not mix!!
Do yourself a favour.....get an awesome fitting pair of slim pants and pair it with that will look way better.  And when did everything have to be "Skinny" anyways??  Again, don't get me wrong....I like a skinny fit...but on Sweats!!!  Come On!!  Enough already.
OK...enough of my rant for the day......The more I look at it the more I really like the outfit on the left-super cute!! May have to look into a couple of pieces for myself.
Thanks for letting me rant....Ahhhh....feel better now....time to get on with my day!!

Have an awesome day everyone.

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  1. I think this is Rhianna's fault. Google "Rhianna sweat pants and heels" and be amazed!