Monday, December 30, 2013


Since it is the season of snow......and I am TRYING to embrace it.  I really am trying.......I came across this amazing Cabin.  I suppose if I lived in the mountains and had oodles of money it may look a little something like the following Cabin.  What I loved the most about this design is the use of natural elements throughout the build.  The interior decor isn't my taste-it is very lovely don't get me wrong.  But what struck me about the build was the types of wood used throughout.  In particular the use of tree trunks- yes tree trunks.  It is so amazing.......check it out:

Just look at that Portico.  Besides the gorgeous lines of it......just look at those trunks!!

They even used tree trunks inside.  How amazing is that??

As I have stated in the past.....I am not that jazzed about winter.  I am not that fond of the cold. You would think that after 40 years I would be?  I have lived here in Canada most of my life!  But I long for the days when I can wear my flip flops and put on Capri's.  But I am trying to love the cold.....I really am!

Have a great day everyone!

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