Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey Everyone....I came across a bathroom that literally made my jaw drop.  As I have mentioned in the past that since there is so much info and photo's out there on the "interwebs", it really takes a lot for my jaw to literally drop these days.  I wish I could articulate how incredible this bathroom further ado......

See what I mean??  The use of the copper as a functional as well as aesthetic detail...well....PERFECTION!!  I cannot wait to show my Man this one.  He loves copper.  I do as well.  There is just something so amazing about copper.  I guess it has to do with it's is so warm.
I think that another reason that I love this bathroom is the toilet....yes the toilet!  I remember when I was very Nana had one of those toilets with the tanks overhead.  And the pull chain!  I remember the pull chain with the big wooden pull.  It is funny the things that you remember when prompted.  I always remember that bathroom being very cold....especially in winter as there was no central heating.  We are talking about England in the early 70's after all!!  I do remember that the bath tub was very deep.  I know that I was a child and all, but I still remember it being deep.
Anyways....I just had to share this amazing metal dream with you all.
This bathroom was created by Andre Rothblatt Architecture.

Have a great day everyone

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