Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey Everyone....hope all is well?  I myself wasn't feeling the greatest yesterday, however, today is a new day!  As you all know....I AM NOT A FAN OF VAULTED SPACES.  I would much rather have an interesting ceiling at 9' or 10',  give me a coffered ceiling or a vaulted one any day.  As I have stated in previous postings, I think they are a waste of space, resources and many times make a room out of proportion.  So what is one to do if one has a vaulted space that is driving one crazy??....well.... this pic I am posting will hopefully help out.  When I find an example of great design or better yet a solution to a problem I always love to share:

For a space that is vaulted I truly like this room.  By painting the upper portion of the walls in a darker colour it brings the room down to a more "human" scale.  And that there is the issue with rooms like this.  I really think they throw people off.  At least they do to me.  In this instance by tying the colour scheme all together and painting that darker band it truly brings the room down to a more livable scale.  I love the fact that they have extensively used moldings as well as a deeper colour.  The moldings add interest and help to better balance the height of the room.  I truly feel this is one of the better examples I have ever found on how to deal with such a room.  I get asked a lot about rooms like this.  This style of room was very popular in the late 90's into the 2000's around here.  And as I said in the past....the builders were trying to build "McMansions" with these out of scale rooms.  Many times they end up being taller than they are around.  Thus making one feel like they are in a can!!!  I hope that this pic will be an inspiration to those with such a room.  That there is indeed a way to decorate around them.

Have a great day everyone.

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