Friday, June 7, 2013


Hey everyone, hope all is well in your world.  No I have not returned the T-shirt, hoping to get that one done today.
I wanted to share with you all my newest creation...... Ziggity Zaggity Scarf.

I really had fun creating this one.  It is such a departure for me.  But I saw this yarn in one of my usual spots.... Spun and I couldn't resist.  I have said in the past that for me Noro is lovely, however, at times it seems that it leaves me wanting.  So many times I have bought a skein and somewhere in all that colourful loveliness will be a colour or two I really don't like.  Thus, it kind of ruins it for me.  Well not this time.  I love all the colours in this lovely little ball.
And what a lovely little ball it is.  The pattern I created is a "one ball wonder".  Which for Noro is awesome as it can be a little on the pricey side.  The yarn I used was Noro Silk Garden Sock.  It cost $19.95 for one ball.  The size of the scarf that I got out of the ball was 9"x54".  Just enough I think.  Although one could easily purchase another ball and make it longer.  I also added pom poms as a fun little addition.  It was knit on size 4.5mm needles.  I have to say that this particular pattern was by far my most involved I have EVER done.  There is both written and charted instructions.  I also included a tutorial on making baby pom poms.  You do not need any special equipment to make them....just a fork!!
So there you have it the latest in my scarf arsenal.... The pattern can be found at Ravelry.  And as always if you have any comments or questions please feel free to drop me a line.
Just a little side note.  This pattern would make an amazing runner for a dining room table.  It would make such a statement in the dining room.  You would probably need a little more yarn than the one ball called for here.....just a thought.
I am of course already thinking about the next project or two........I just can't stop.

Have an awesome day everyone

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