Friday, July 19, 2013


Hey Everyone...hope all is well in your Universe!  Sorry for the absence as of late.  Life has just been getting in the, summer, husbands job location, knitting......  However, I will be posting a new Shawl Pattern very soon.  I just finished it up in fact.  Have to block it then take pics, write up the pattern and then post.  I truly love this pattern.  It is similar in difficulty to my Easy Peazy 2.0.   What I really love about this pattern is the yarn and the Bind Off technique.
The Bind off I used this time is a Picot Edge Bind Off.  I have always wanted to do that to a shawl.  I just love the detail it gives to the edge.
The yarn that I used was:

Isn't it just gorgeous??  It is Mirasol's Hacho.  It is the most beautiful variegated 100% Merino Wool Yarn. When I say it is gorgeous I mean it is GORGEST!!  (in the ever loving words of Rudy Huxtable).  Between the colours and the feel of it...well it is beyond awesome.  It knit up really beautifully as well.  Before I designed this particular shawl I knitted up a capelet for myself in the same yarn...more to come on that later...... I had some left over and bought 1 more...from England no less, thank you Ebay.  I then added the following yarn to make up the shawl:

This lovely little yarn is Nordique by St. Denis.  Loved this yarn.  It is 100% wool.  Now....being 100% Wool it isn't as soft as the Hacho that is 100% Merino Wool.  But it is still pretty darn lovely.
When I was designing the shawl I pulled a colour out of the Hacho to be the accent.  The result was the use of the Hacho colour Thunder Skies and St. Denis colour Aurora.  And I am beyond happy with the results.
So give me a few days and you shall see the results.
I bought the St. Denis yarn at Webs.  In general I have to know and feel the yarn that I am going to use for a project.  So..... I took a leap of faith with the St. Denis and was NOT disappointed.  I had bought the Hacho at one of my favourite haunts....Spun.  I was lucky enough to get it on sale.  However, I was going to be one ball short so I tried Webs...but they were I tried Ebay and low and behold there it was.  Only took 5 days to get here too!!!  And between the 2 yarns a lovely shawl emerged...........

Have a great day everyone.

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