Monday, July 1, 2013


In honour of Canada Day (July 1) I wanted to share some great images of Red and White with you all.  I love the Colour Red...I truly do.  And I am also so proud to live in a country where I feel safe, I feel proud and one that is recognized world wide for just being so damn nice!!  As my Dad always said to me growing up..."it's nice to be nice".  And I have NEVER forgotten that sentiment.  It has done me well throughout my life.  Don't get me wrong, I like to have a little rant like the next gal....but takes way more energy to be negative and nasty than it does to be nice.  I don't know.....maybe in a world of Star Trek it should be OUR Prime Directive...(sorry for the geek reference).  If only more people chose to be nicer....what a nicer world this would be....Anyways, getting way off topic.....I just wanted to share some great images with you all. HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!!

This amazing room is Benjamin Moore Poppy!  I have always loved this red.  It has such a lovely vibrancy to it without completely overwhelming the senses.  Highly recommend this one for just about anywhere you want to make a statement- of course you have to take it's undertone into account.........

Poppy 1315 BM

Again we see the use of Poppy 1315 BM.  Such a great pop of colour!

I think I am seeing a pattern here......perhaps the same house??  I love how Terrat Elms Interior Design has successfully incorporated the use of Poppy throughout the space.  It adds so much.

Looking back into the kitchen you can see just how vibrant and awesome this red is....last pic of this house....for now.

This retro "bachelorette"  space is small but mighty.  I love the pops of red.  They really do help to enhance that kitschy, retro vibe that is evident in this space.  Yes, yes there should be a vent know how I harp on that one.  However....perhaps it is a rental.....still should have a vent though....I totally agree.  But I do love the Red here.

Gotta love a great barn restoration....Oh to dream!

Let me hang out here....please!! There is just something about a porch that just welcomes you in.......

I love Red Cabinets.  I don't quite have the nerve to do it myself but totally love it when someone has the nerve to just run with it.  If you were ever wondering..... a Galley kitchen is the most efficient when it comes to planning a kitchen.  Especially when it is configured like the one above.  Just a tip for you all......  Remember that the distance between your stove, fridge and sink when measured out should be less than 26 feet.  This makes for the best use of resources and time.

How adorable is this space.  I really do love a retro vibe!

This space is so fun and funky!! That is great wallpaper.

I would love to have a collection of Vintage Feedsack just like this.........

Amazing....simply amazing!!

I couldn't help but smile when I saw this pic.  I so wish that we had buildings like this where I live.  Just look at all of the detail.

Now I ask you......Where is my glass of vino to go with this???

I can't even put into words how this image takes me to my Red and White Happy Place!!

I would be totally remiss if I didn't put at least one knitting image in!

I of course had to put in a couple of images of my own patterns that were appropriate!!  Both patterns are available here and here.

I had to share one last image with you all.  In case you didn't know this about me....I love Tea Towels.  Can't get enough of them.  Must be the "English" in me.  I could only wish that that above pic was my own....again a girl can dream.

For those of you fellow Canadians out there....I wish you a happy and safe holiday.  And for those of you non Canadians out there......I hope you enjoyed a little Red and White.

Have an awesome day everyone.


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