Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year everyone!  It is very cold and very snowy here at the moment.  Did I mention IT IS VERY COLD.  It is -15C here at the moment.  For many people that isn't very cold.  However, for those of us in Southern Ontario.  It is downright frigid!!  And you all know how much I love the cold!! the interest of getting organzied for the new year I found this amazing home and wanted to share it with you all.  What I most wanted to share was the way in which they store Lego.  Yes Lego-notice how I didn't say Legos.  Like I always tell people- Lego is a toy, Lagos is a country.  Just think of it like the word Moose, or Mice.  It works for both the single and the plural. Now the actual Lego storage doesn't come into nearly the end of the posting....but it is oh so worth it for you Legoites out there.  I know that when we have the money to do so I want to do just like they did.  It is amazing!! it is:

Even if you don't like the actual colours chosen for the outside of the house, you can really appreciate that they went for it and chose colour.  I know I did.  Instead of the deep pink I would have done turquoise-but that's just me.  I still think it looks amazing.

 Adding a heat lamp to the roof will really add to the time that can be spent out on this amazing porch.  If you have the means it really is a great little detail to add!!

The counter tops in this kitchen is Ceasarstone 4030 H (honed).  Love them here in this space.
The Wall Colour is Techno Gray SW6170 Sherwin Williams.  It is used throughout the main floor and used in the basement as well.

The red used in this space is Fireworks SW6867 by Sherwin Williams.
I am not sure what green was used in this space. However, you would definitely want one with a brighter yellow undertone to it like Pear Green 2028-40 BM.  I do have another green in mind but I can't find my smaller Sherwin Williams fan deck and I can't remember the name...Lemongrass maybe- ARGH!!

 The darker gray used throughout the space is Kendall Gray HC-166 by Benjamin Moore.  It really looks amazing against that great orangey red-LOVE IT!!

 This colour may be Moderne White 6168 SW but don't hold me to it!!

 The blue in this space is Georgian Bay SW6509 by Sherwin Williams.  I love this Blue-such a great colour for an Office or Bedroom.  I also think it would be great painted at the back of a bookshelf/wall unit for a splash of colour.

And now the most amazing Lego storage EVER!!!

 Kendall Gray HC-166 BM and Techno Gray 6170 SW

How incredible!!  All that Lego!!   And it could definitely be a DIY project.  Just use loads of Ikea bins!!  I love too how they used cork in the main part of the Lego area.  Cork is very comfy to be on, warm to the touch and would have the added bonus for our Lego afficiando's to build directly on the floor- which is something I am sure they thought of when choosing for this space!!  If you have Lego or know of someone who does then you may have heard of the stories of Lego and carpet.  Using cork here is a great solution to a "Lego problem".  You can easily scoop it up, it doesn't get "lost" in the carpet, and as mentioned before you can build deirectly on it- BONUS all around.
And I thought we had a load of Lego!!

So there you have dream room for Lego.  Oh how I hope I can build something like this for my guys before they are too old to appreciate it.  Then again, any Lego afficiando will tell you that you ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO PLAY WITH LEGO!!

Have an amazing day everyone.

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