Monday, September 23, 2013


Hey Everyone....just a quick posting.  I know that Grass Cloth Wall Coverings have been in for awhile now....first of all I love Grass Cloth....secondly, I always have, it's not a "fad" for me.....and thirdly, I want some!!!

Here is a pic that put a smile on my face today....hopefully it will do the same for you:

This amazing Wallcovering is Carolina Raffia  by Thibaut.  You can see it here. It is part of the Monterey Collection.  It is such a pretty an graphic collection.  Just traditional enough yet so Now.  You know how I luv's me some Red, White and Blue.  Love the above Room- Love it!

Here are just a few more pattern's in the Monterey Collection:

Aren't they lovely??  And that room-gotta love the Grass Cloth Walls.

Have a great day everyone.


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