Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey Everyone....as you know by now I don't draw attention to someone for the sake of calling people out or just making noise for the sake of it.  I feel that on certain issues I have a very strong opinion.  But I don't think the topics I choose to passionately talk about is done in a malicious way.  Nor do I feel I am alone in my feelings....I may be just willing to take it on more than someone else would....sometimes I just can't help myself!!  I just feel that sometimes certain things have to be said.
Case in point-Hems!  I would have to say that I am "slightly" obsessed about Hems.  Whether you are talking about Hems on a dress, on drapes or even pants.  In a previous posting I talked about how I can't stand it when drapes are too short-really one of my pet peeves.  Is it life or death?  No, but it kinda really bugs me...you can see that posting here.
What got me thinking about clothing hems is when I saw this pic of Rachel Zoe:

For the love of all things good....haven't these people heard of having pants hemmed?  Can't operate a sewing machine or thread a needle....can I suggest Hem Tape.  You can buy it at WalMart for goodness sake.  What bugs me more than anything about the above pic is that SHE is supposed to be a stylist.  I will never understand the fascination of these people and having their pant hems dragging on the ground.

I love Debra Messing.....adore her!  But for the love of all....why are her pants dragging on the ground??  I have no issue with her outfit except it would have looked way better if the pants fit better. Not only does it shorten the body but it is also a hazard.  Have you ever tried to walk in heels and pants that are too long?  I hope you have Health Insurance my friend!  Who is her Stylist?  Seriously??  Sometimes these people who are supposed to know what they are doing get on my last nerve.  You are dressing beautiful people....can you at least make sure that their pants fit correctly!!!
What is my point in all this?  A hem does not cost a fortune.....in fact it will cost you between $6.00-$10.00 dollars depending on where you go.  Better yet.....you can do it yourself if you have a little skill with a needle and thread....if you don't.....get it done professionally.....it will be the best 6 Bucks you spend.   When a pair of pants are tailored correctly......you look and feel fabulous.
Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a longer hem....especially if one is wearing a killer pair of heels.  But as soon as that pant hem puddles on the floor- I AM DONE!!!
Like I said earlier....if you are in a bind turn up that hem with Hem Tape.  It really is a life saver.  It is quick and will hold for more than one wear.  As long as you know how to operate an iron that is.  Never press directly onto the fabric as this will cause the fabric to acquire a "shine".  Use a press cloth or if you don't have one use a light piece of Cotton Fabric or even a light Pillowcase.  Place the fabric on top of what you are pressing and press the two.  T/he top fabric will take the abuse from the iron thus leaving your lovely item underneath damage free.
Perhaps Hem Tape should be put into some of these "Swag bags" these stars seem to snag.  Maybe, just maybe they would think twice then.
Or....better yet.......check this out.......Melissa George came up with a way to Hem pants that isn't permanent.

Now that is how your pants should look my friends.  Just a peek at the shoe, no tripping no puddling-just right!!
 Sometimes you like your pants longer or shorter depending on the shoes you wear.  The product is called "Hemming My Way".  It looks really cool.  I will have to see if I can get it here.  Has anyone tried it??  Perhaps she should let Stylists know!  Goodness knows there is a lot of stars out there that could use this product.

Have a great day everyone.....

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