Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hey Everyone....I came across this pic the other day and boy did it make me smile.  You may or may not have seen it, but either way......it makes me happy!!

This collection is Byzantium by Schumacher.  First of all.....that Blue.  Or should I say all those lovely blues-makes me want to squeal with Glee.  And I don't mean the show on TV!  Not crazy about the rug-love the colour NOT the texture.  I live in a Lego world my friends...would NOT be Lego friendly!  Back to the topic at hand.....Secondly....all those lovely patterns.  Thirdly......that Velvet Blue pillow in the middle of the Sofa....oh I could go on and on about this one my friends.  And of course the Ikat pillows..........

Look how amazing they are together.  It used to be years ago one would NEVER mix blues together....now it's as if one couldn't help but to mix.  By mixing blues it lends so much depth and interest.  To me it makes it feel beachy, fresh and vibrant.  I would have to say the mixing of blues is one of my favourite things...especially right now.

Here is an image also by Shumacher that mixes blues:

I just can't help but love the colour combo here.  The beautiful Aqua of the pool with the Navy of the tile band and of course the Royal of the Pillows.  So Fresh and Lovely.

Here again Schumacher has mixed a Darker Blue with Aqua...so fresh! And so graphic.

Just had a to share a little Blue with you all....
Have a great day everyone.


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