Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hey Everyone......I am a big fan of wallpaper.  I know that not everyone is....however, I LOVE IT!!   There are some wallpapers that scream...LOOK AT ME.  And there are others that are more subtle yet make just as big as an impression.......  Case in point:

Yes I know I am talking about this house AGAIN!!!  I can't help it.  This hallways makes me want to go out and buy this wallpaper.  I have always loved this is a classic if there ever was one.

This amazing Kitchen Space was designed by the amazing Tommy Smythe.  The use of the star wallpaper in the cabinet is subtle genius.  It adds so much without screaming at you!  Can't say enough.

So what are some options for great Star Wallpaper;

If you want Period specific Wallpaper then Bradbury & Bradbury is your go to place.  Arts and Crafts, name it they have it.  It is all hand made and so lovely.

Osborne and Little

Isn't this lovely?  I honestly believe that this style of motif is timeless.  And it is not so overbearing that you would get tired of it.  A true Classic.

Nautical?  Patriotic?  Country?  I say yes to all.

But of course I want the RED star wallpaper found in either room pic as seen above.  I have searched for it...can't find it....but I will.  If anyone has any info on the two wallpapers used above....please pass it along.

Have a great day everyone.


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