Monday, January 23, 2012


Fan Decks are one of those things that are like Candy for me.  I can't get enough of colour.  When a new fan deck is available or a colour collection comes out I can hardly wait to get to the store to get one. 
One can easily buy a fan deck from the usual haunts: Benjamin Moore, Para, Sherwin Williams etc....  But what of the Big Box Stores like Home Depot and Lowes?  I am not sure about the States but here in Canada we can't buy a "fan deck" for the paints that they carry there (the big box stores).  Case in point: I wanted to have a fan deck for the new Martha Stewart Line when she arrived a little while ago here at Home Depot.  Well there is no such thing.  So my friends I made my own.  I have seen other blogs make similar ones but I have been making mine for years with a very simple thing:  Behold the Binder Ring:

I usually buy mine from Staples, Business Depot or Walmart.  Here is what the finished product looks like:

Martha Stewart Home Depot

Behr 2 in 1 Home Depot

When I make my fan decks I use the large 3 hole punch like this one:

This 3 Hole Punch shown is very similar to the one I have.  ANY 3 Hole Punch will do.  You can also use a single hole punch if that is what you have but I use the 3 Hole Punch because I am able to position the chip at either end and get a consistent hole in the same place.  You could use the center hole but you would end up with the hole in the chip in various places.  By placing the chip at either end and punching you get to place the chip in the same place every time.  This allows the chips to hang together in the same place when the ring is attached.  The one good thing about the Behr 2 in1 paint chips is that they already have a hole punched into them- you just have to remove the little piece that has been perforated. 
Another great thing about chips from these stores is they are so much bigger than samples you would get on a fan deck from paint places.  Now this does not mean you shouldn't get testers.  Painting a sample board with your colour will always make you win out in the end.  I know people and professionals alike talk of this at length but it is so true.  Until you get that sample up VERTICALLY and in the actual space ,you will not be able to accurately tell what the colour will do in that space and if you will even like it there.  When I say VERTICALLY I mean just that- I can't tell you how many people I have seen not only pick there colour while in the store (don't get me started about that one!) and while they have the chip lying flat.  Next time try this.  Get 2 paint chips of the same colour- take it home and lay one flat and then have one vertically.  You will be amazed at how differently the two will look.
One reason why I chose to use Binder Rings was so that I could hang them in my office.  I will save that pic for another time when I show you proper pics of my office.  But suffice it to say by having them hook together this way I am able to hang them up.
One other bonus of having the Binder Rings is that you can take the chip out of the pack.  This is really helpful when trying to decide on one colour or another.  They can be taken out and placed VERTICALLY to see them better.
Well that's all for now.  Have a great day

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