Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wine Labels are a great place for inspiration.   They are like little packets of design with big punch.  Over Christmas I had the great pleasure of trying a new wine.  To be quite honest I had never seen or heard of this particular wine.  I had chosen a couple of bottles that I had gone in for and made my way to the cash.  While standing in line I noticed a wine that the store was showcasing on the cash counter.  I saw the label and fell for it immediately.  Yes my friends I said it- I bought a bottle of wine because I loved the label!!  That wine was:

I mean, look at that label!  Look at the scrolly (is that a word?) "A".  I just loved the colour combination as well.  So I bought the wine that went with that lovely label.  I will have to say that it is one of the most flavourful wines I have ever had.  I loved it!  Now, I am no wine expert but I do know what I like and I what I don't like.  And I really liked this wine! 
Anyways, I got to thinking about wine labels in general and how amazing a lot of them are.  So I thought what a great way to have them inspire the design of a room.  Here is what I would put together for a room that was inspired by "Apothic Red":

Sofa:  Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams
Chair:Ralph Lauren
Console: Elte
Fabric: Robert Allen
            Fabric 1
            Fabric 2
            Fabric 3
 Side Table: Elte
Table Lamps: DWR
Chandelier: DWR
Framed Black & White Prints:  Art.com
Rug:  Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams
Coffee Table:  Ethan Allen
Sconces:  Union Lighting and Furnishings
Wallpaper for Coffered Ceiling:  Graham and Brown
Paint: Wall/Coffered Ceiling- High Gloss, Benjamin Moore 2120-30 Witching Hour
           Trim- High Gloss, Benjamin  Moore OC 17 White Dove
Ottoman:   Urban Home
Stars:  DWR

I am sure that I could have gone in the direction of "Vampire Chic".  That would be the obvious choice what with the black and red.  It would have had a "Bordello" feel to it!  However I wanted to do something a little more sophisticated and masculine feeling in the room. 
I have always wanted to coffer a ceiling and have wallpaper inset.  I think the combination of the wallpaper chosen and the dark paint colour really helps to set the mood.
Hope you enjoyed.  Have a great day.

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