Thursday, January 19, 2012


Have you seen the new fabric from Designers Guild.  When I mean new I mean new for this last fall.  It is called Amrapali fabric.  All I can say is how happy it makes my heart.  And how it makes my heart smile.  I see fabric like this and I want to dance:

This one is called Lotus Flower printed on Linen and comes in 4 Colourways:

Another is Ottelia which is printed on Cotton:  also available in 4 colourways:

Another Fabric is Jacaranda and is printed on Silk: also in 4 colourways:

In addition here is another linen fabric called Adjuna printed on Linen:

Here is another Cotton fabric, it is called Anchala: available in the following:

And the final one is Amrapali printed on Linen:  available in 3 colourways:

I Love how vibrant these fabrics are.  They help to lift the mood of a girl stuck in a Canadian Winter.  The funny thing is our winter hasn't really been all that bad. Sigh!!!
Anyways.......  back to the eye candy!  These lovely patterns are also available in wallpaper!  Now I know it isn't for everyone but if you love pattern and colour, this is the company for you.  If you love to make a statement, these would sit up and say "HELLO PEOPLE".
Here is a room I "threw" together.  It was just really a chance for me to play with the computer to get used to photoshopping!  So here it is:

Hope you enjoyed a little eye candy.  Have a great day!

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