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Now, first of all I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is so lovely!  I have enjoyed watching her since she was on All My Children and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   I mean, you cannot say anything mean about this girl, she is and will forever be "Buffy".   I don't know her personally but she has always seemed very sweet and nice.  I know a lot has been said about the dress she wore to the 2012 Golden Globes .  Personally, I think it took a lot of guts to wear a gown like that because it was so different- Heaven forbid someone is different out there!!  What I am going to talk about is that amazing fabric it was made with. It is not for me to judge whether she made a good choice or not on the gown she chose--   I love the fabric.  Personally I would have used the fabric in other ways but that is just me.  I wish I had the confidence to wear a dress like that....... granted I would have to have somewhere to where such a dress......... but that's a whole other topic.  The blue and the white makes me think of oceans and breezes and tropical islands. I just want to take that dress and use the fabric for pillows or whatever!  I love how the fabric has been dyed.  I love me some good blue and white tie-dye. 

Roost (batik)

 Whether you are talking about traditional Tie dye or Dip dye or Batik - it doesn't matter to me, I love it all.  I will talk about Batik on its own another time.  I think what I love the most about these techniques is how "free" they are.  I love how the dye "bleeds" outwards on the fabric, it really is beautiful.  The Curtains in the 2nd pic would be very easy to do.  Just acquire good quality blue dye, add to a bucket of water as per instructions and dip your curtain/fabric up to the height that you want.  I know it sounds easy- and it is.  The only key to this is make sure that the fabric you use is a natural one.  The best being Cotton or Linen.  Silk can be dyed but Cotton really does dye very easily.  The other key thing is to wash your item before you dye it- this is imperative that you do so.  When fabric or finished items reach your doorstep they will almost always have a coating or a substance in or on the fibre.  So it is an absolute must you wash it before dyeing so that you start with a clean fibre so that the dye will be absorbed by your item.  One last thing to remember is that if you buy ready made curtains say from Ikea, the stitching used may be Polyester or a Cotton/Poly mix.  Even if the fabric content states it is Cotton, the Stitching thread may not be.  If you dye the item, the thread will take up the dye differently than the fabric, if at all.  If the thread is Polyester it will NOT absorb the dye.  Thus your curtains will be dyed a beautiful hue and you will be left with white stitching.  You may use this to your advantage and have it as a design detail but if this is not the look you were going for you may not get what you envisioned.

As beautiful and perfect the two above rooms are they would still be quite sensational with an injection of a little tie dye.  Just a pillow or two would do it.  I feel that when dealing with a "pattern" such as tie dye "a little goes a long way".

Have you had the chance to catch this issue of House Beautiful.  They have a Makeover segment that really hit the mark this time for me.  Here is some great eye candy!

Just look at that RUG!!  I can't even put into words how much I adore it.  Besides the pillows, I think my favorite thing in this room would have to be the rug.  To find one similar you could try:

You could also check places like Pottery Barn Teen, they used to carry this:

I Love this rug from Pottery Barn Teen but I think it is discontinued- please bring back this pretty rug!!
For some reason I think the combination of Blue and White suits this pattern the best.  I know I am biased since I love the combination of Blue and White.  What do you think?  Is Blue and White your favourite colours for tie dye home items??

If I was to do a room this is what I would put in it:

All Bedding: Serena and Lily
Rug:  Weisshouse
Curtains: Custom  (Ikea Merete with Custom Banding)
Pendants: 2 over bedside tables- Union Lighting
Bedside Tables: West Elm
Art: Art.Com
Wall Paint:  Benjamin Moore- New York State of Mind 805
Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore- White Dove OC-17

I wanted to add just a little tie dye to this room- I thought the rug would be great here.
Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great day!

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