Monday, January 16, 2012


There is a house that is currently for sale here in Burlington.  It is a beauty and ever so slightly out of my price range.  OK, a lot out of my price range.  But a girl can dream can't she??  It is the kind of house that's sends my heart pitter patterin'!!  The only way it could be more perfect is if it was in my current location.  But where it is located is a pretty nice area too.

It is the kind of house that I would move into and NEVER leave! I know there are those in my life that think this is a false statement but really, this house ticks all the boxes for me. The only thing I may change is some Paint colours but apart from that it is pretty perfect.

They say that Kitchens and Bathrooms sell Homes, well I would say that is the case here.  I saw that Kitchen and said "HELLO".  It has everything I LOVE in a Dream Kitchen.    First of all, it has White Cabinetry which for me is a must in my Kitchen.  I just keep gravitating back to white Kitchens.  The other thing I love is the Soapstone Countertops.  Soapstone is the kind of material that gets more and more beautiful overtime.  Just remember that SoapStone is used in Lab situations so if it can take it in a Lab it can take anything you can dish out in a Kitchen!  I love the Marble Backsplash and the beadboard ceiling.  This is one detail (the ceiling) that I hope I can put into my current kitchen sometime in the near future- do you hear me Hubs??  Like he didn't know I wanted that one!!!  In addition to the above you can add- Farmsink, Built-in Fridge (not a must but it is nice!), Black trimmed Windows, Chrome Faucet, Pendant Lights, 2- yes 2 Islands (again not necessary but oh so nice to have!), Wood and Tile detail for the floor and above all CRAFTSMAN DETAIL.  I love the Craftsman detail in this house.  It is the type of detail that is subtle throughout the house.  I love a house that has been trimmed out in this style.  It is the type of trimming out that suits many styles.  It can be very traditional or lean to a more transitional style depending on how you decorate with it.  There is one other detail that I love about this house and it is one you do not see very often in this area and that is Transoms above the doorways.  It does help that the ceilings are high so that this detail could be used.  It is such a great way to add detail as well as allow more light to flow through a space.

The wall of doors in the above photo is such a nice touch.  Not only does it provide tons of light but they are the kind of doors that open right up.  You know the kind, they fold back like an accordian.  I would love to have this in my current home only I couldn't really do it anywhere.  See!  This house is just begging me to buy it!!!

It is the kind of house the is just big enough for a family but not so big that you feel like you are living in a McMansion.  It has such beautiful detail.   So when I win the lottery I will let you know when I am packing my bags!
Just wanted to share this little piece of eye candy with you all.  Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great day.

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