Thursday, October 4, 2012


So yesterday I literally spent ALL day trying different things for something new I want to design.  I couldn't even get to sleep last night because my brain was on over load.  Well inspiration hit around 12am!!  ARGH!!!  Makes for a sleepy morning I'll tell ya!!
So I want to make a new shawl pattern and I want to use colour......  Lots of it, however, I don't want it to be a kaleidoscope or have it look like the primary section in the crayon box.  Nothing wrong with bright, just not what I am going for!!

Here is some inspiration that I am thinking of:

Love this pic for 2 reasons!! Well actually 3!! I love the colours too :)

So I think you have the idea. Something a little southwest inspired.  I just love those colours!!

Have a great day everyone.

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