Wednesday, October 17, 2012


When I began creating my RL inspired Wrap/Shawl I knew that I wanted the striped band to have a heathered or muted look to it.  One way is to make it with a heathered yarn.  One reason I did not use heathered yarn in this instance is that I wasn't going to be able to afford to do so at this time.  However, even if I had made it out of heathered yarn I still would have constructed the wrap in the same manner so that it gave a much more subtle look.  For those not familiar with heathered yarn here is a great example of that.  Shetland yarn is a prime example:

Do you see how the yarn is softened and that it is "multi coloured", yet it reads as one colour?
This effect gives a softer more muted look to a garment.

In addition to this, you can use certain techniques to further enhance a garment.  Case in point- my wrap.  I chose to do the striped band in REVERSE GARTER STITCH.  This means that I began the Garter Stitch rows on the WS-wrong side.  What does this do to a garment?  Well let me show you:

Reverse Garter Stitch- garment shown on the RS-right side

Regular Garter Stitch shown on the WS-wrong side

So, you see how much more subtle the 1st pic shows in the striping?  I began the project with the intention of doing garter stitch.  But the further I got into it and I got way into it and had to rip back, I saw that I loved the "wrong side" of the garter stitch better than what is considered the right side.  I LOVE Garter Stitch.  It is one of those stitches that is so easily done yet I think is so underused.  For those of you non-knitters you just knit every row.  It is so textural and so effective.  I think it was especially effective when used with the wrong side and the subtleness it creates with striping.  If you want subtle go with the wrong side it creates.  You would start your Garter Stitch knitting on the WS (wrong side).  If you want bold you would start your Garter Stitch on the right side.  In this case, the wrong side was just perfect for what I was trying to achieve. 
As you can see by the above photos depending on what side you choose to start your Garter Stitch on, you can get something so different.  It is subtle and simple but oh so effective.
All I have to do is weave in the ends and block her up and she will be good to go.  I am hoping that I can get my pattern up and running real soon on my Ravelry page.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. I totally agree - I love the look of the 'wrong' side, that's now the right side!! And good for you for going with what you love, rather than being constrained by the pattern - I always think that's the sign of real creativity!


    1. Hey Sarah- Thanks so much for the comment. And I totally agree with you! Sometimes you just have to throw the rule book out and go with your gut.