Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey there everyone. So today I came across favourite kitchens in "Country Living" online....  There were some really lovely ones for sure.  But one that I came across made me go "Hmmmm"  "WHAT?"
I know that I can tend to harp on a few things especially when it comes to design and particularly function in design.  But seeing something like I this really cheesed me off!!!  What makes me mad, is these "magazines" that portray a "lifestyle" and "pretty pictures" over real life.  Yes, I understand that photo's get styled for "the shot".  However, sometimes it goes a  little too far.  Especially when it is being showcased as the ULTIMATE KITCHEN DECORATING GUIDE!!  Here is the kitchen that I have issues with:

Now let me first say that this is indeed lovely to look at but for me that's where the buck stops!!  Now.... Why do I bring this up?? I mean...... obviously someone loves their new look and probably doesn't have issues with it.  Or maybe it was just styled for the shoot,either way it is all wrong.  For real life it just doesn't cut it. 

If you do indeed cook then this WILL NOT WORK for you at all, that is why I bring it up.
First of all where is the cooking fan??  Yes there could be a down draft associated with the stove- Maybe??
Secondly, what I most have issue with is the Museum Gallery of Art behind the stove!!!  If any of you truly cook out there or even boil water then you should know that this just would not work.  I MEAN REALLY NOT WORK!!  I am truly a practical kinda girl.  At least I really try to be from a design point of view.  Function first and all that.
So.... if you like to cook or even boil the odd pot of water then PLEASE do not do this.  You will regret it.  Yes it is very pretty but that is all it is.....pretty over substance!!  It truly makes me shake my head and boggles my mind.  Yes I know it is supposed to be the Ultimate Decorating Guide and all..... but really???

Have a great day everyone

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