Thursday, October 11, 2012


I have and always will love all things nautical.  I suppose it is a deep desire to live by the ocean.  I suppose I have the next best thing in that I live about 4 or 5 blocks from Lake Ontario.  I can literally walk and be there in about 15 mins.  Gotta love living in downtown Burlington!!  Here are some Nautical inspired bathrooms.  Enjoy:

I know it's kind of themey, but I love it.  Especially the vanity.  Note: that if it were mine I would varnish the  heck out of the top.  I just love a wooden counter top- just have to varnish/urethane it.

I truly adore this bathroom.  Love the maps for wallpaper.  I also love the fact that they matched the undertone in the tile with the maps.   Yea undertones.  It is always nice when people get that right!!

I love a great compass on the ceiling.  I remember Candice Olsen doing this some years ago in a nursery and I still love it.  It never goes out of style.

I have admired this bath for some time now.  I think what keeps drawing me back is the vanity/counter and the lights.  It's the lights!! I love them.

You can't get more nautical than this.  The mirror, the light, the wood.   Love it!

Now... I put this one in because of it's modern interpretation of the nautical theme-the lights, the round mirrors and the tile on the floor.  Really great if you don't want it to be too themey!

This bathroom for me is quintessential nautical.  The mirrors, the lights (especially the lights) and of course the red,white and blue!!

What I love about this bathroom is it's subtle nod to nautical.  The white with the natural stone.  The watery wall colour.  I have no idea what the wall colour is but you may want to try... Benjamin Moore Ocean Air or Summer Shower.

I adore Tineke Triggs and her design sense.  I love her nod to Nautical here.  Love the Navy Blue, the Wallpaper theme and the wood detail of the vanity.

I can't even put into words how much I love this bathroom.  The navy vanity, the copper sink or the sconce lights!!  LOVE IT!!

I love this bathroom for its aged turquoise wall boards and of course that great tub!!

I just had to put this one in for its watery tile and it's window!!  AWESOME!!!

Well... I hope this gives a little inspiration......
Have a great day


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