Thursday, February 28, 2013


Sorry I haven't posted for a few days!  I have been busy and not so busy.  Will do better-promise.  I have been working very hard at a couple of projects ie: knitting stuff, thinking of doing the upstairs/back hall and of course our Master- which was supposed to have been started this time last year-ARGH!!!!!

So here are a few pics of bedrooms that are inspiring me:  I have no bloody idea which way I will go.  It is SO MUCH HARDER WORKING FOR ONESELF THAN WORKING FOR ANOTHER PERSON.  I am sure that those of you out there that look at many blogs have heard this before.  I can tell a client exactly what they should do in their space.  When it comes to my space-UGH!!  I think it is because I see SO MANY possibilities that I can do.  JUST PICK ONE!!!!


This is soooo pretty.......

I am really loving all the gray right now.  I didn't think those words would come out of my mouth!!

Hope this gives a little inspiration.
Have a great day everyone.  And I promise to be back to my old self soon.... although my youngest one would say to that...."your not old Mama".  I love him so!


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