Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey Everyone..... I came across an amazing house at Home Bunch.  It is very visually stunning.  And WAY out of my snack bracket!  What I wanted to share with you all is this bed:

Although very lovely and very riche.  It is so NOT practical.  Most of us live in the real world and I just wanted to bring a little of my experience with fabrics to you all so that you will not make a mistake if you too want this look.
The fabric used on the bed headboard is 100% Silk.  So very luxurious and so amazing.  It is from Kravet and is called Serenity.  It is presented in the Graystone Colourway.  Absolutely STUNNING fabric.  However.....This fabric is best suited to VERY and I mean VERY light use. Use such as pillows and drapes that would be lined and interlined within an inch of its life!  I don't know about you but my headboard takes a beating.  Some people and my husband is one of them tends to sleep with his hands above his head-as does his father.  This would cause pulls and picks in this fabric.  In addition, he tends to have a little extra sebum in his hair.  That sebum tends to cause yellowing of pillow cases and the headboard.  I know some will think Ewwww...but really it is REAL LIFE.  Therefore, when we chose a headboard we have to keep that in mind.  So I hope that this will make a few of you out there think before you leap.  Yes this bed is GORGEOUS but will it fit into your lifestyle.  A lot of the time we really have to think with our head and not our hearts.  Reality really sucks sometimes.
Please head over to Home Bunch to see the rest of this amazing home as well as some other incredible homes and interiors.

If it were me I would always cover a headboard in a very hard wearing fabric such as Velvet or a Heavy Cotton.  I live in a very "washable" world so could NEVER imagine having a Silk Headboard.  I know that people do all the time- has anyone had one and did it stand up to the tests of time?  One note about silk bedding too.... again one has to think about the practically of a duvet cover or blanket.  These items will have to be cleaned.  IF and I stress IF you don't mind Dry Cleaning these items then by all means buy away.  I am one of those people that hasn't used a Dry Cleaner in like.... I can't remember the last time I did!  I need to have Cotton myself.  If your lovely Silk Duvet accidentally gets machine washed and I know someone this happened too be prepared to have thrown a lot of money away.  Life happens all the time and you have to think will this Silk Duvet fit into that life...just a little advise.

Have a great day everyone.

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