Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I came across this window treatment that is being shown on Calico Corners


A couple of things popped in my mind when I was looking at this Roman Shade.  First of all, you all know how much I HATE an unlined Roman Shade that really SHOULD be lined.  About the only fabric for a Roman that shouldn't be lined is a sheer or a light linen.  This above pic is such a great example of what happens when a)you skip out on lining and b)you cheap out.  A fabric, especially one with a dominant print, should ALWAYS be lined.  There is nothing worse (OK maybe not the worst) than seeing a great Roman and having all that light come through. HUGE, HUGE pet peeve of mine!
Secondly, do you think they could have picked a better wall colour to go with this fabric?.  There are 3 things totally wrong with this. 1) Wrong colour- As far as I can see this "mud" coloured paint has no relation to the Roman Fabric used.  2) The paint is the completely wrong undertone even if they wanted to choose a
neutral.. 3) They have put a muddy colour with the clean colours of the Roman Fabric.  Basically what I am saying is this thing is a total HOT MESS!!  In the scheme of life's problems it may be a little one. However, for me life is in the details.  So come on Calico Corners, get with it.  It may be unfeasible in this day and age to repaint the "vignette" area, however, ever heard of Photoshop??  I mean, come on!!
Sorry for the rant everyone.  But, I thought I would use it to show what NOT to do.  If it were me I would have chosen a much lighter paint colour.  I mean, we are looking at a nautical style fabric.  Why not choose something breezy??  A lovely watery blue perhaps??  Or a light cream??

Sherwin Williams- Sky High SW 6504


Benjamin Moore- Timid White OC-39

Now....Timid White may not be the right paint colour due to the undertone, as I would have to have the fabric to pick the proper paint colour.  But you get the idea.

Here is that same Roman shown in a bigger vignette.  As you can see, the fabrics they chose really have NO bearing on the paint chosen.  I really don't like it when Muted and Clean colours are mixed.

I suppose you get the point.........
So I guess what I am trying to say is.... Line your Romans', pick a paint colour that relates to what you are decorating-such as a colour from a fabric or rug and not mix muddy with clean colours.  Even the professionals can have a hard time mixing those two.  Just keep clean with clean and muddy with muddy.

Here is examples of Muted Vs. Clean colours:

Muted:  BM- Louisburg Green HC-113

Clean:  BM- Cedar Green 2034-40

Muted:  BM- Wedgewood Gray HC-146

Clean:  BM- Bird's Egg 2051-70


Muted:  BM- Flower Pot CC96

Clean:  BM- Pumpkin Cream 2168-20


Muted:  BM-Autumn Leaf CC-94

Clean: BM-Smoldering Red 2007-10

So there you have it...some examples of muted and clean colours.

In this example, they definitely got the colours right.  They have chosen a light, muted pink that was picked up from the bedspread and drapes fabric. is muted so that it is very restful.  Pink can be very hard to do well as it can end up looking too princessish or Pepto Bismalish!!  My only issue is that fact that the drapes should have been lined.  This is for a couple of reasons.  1) It is a bedroom. Privacy and light control is key in this room.  2) Once again we have a fabric with pattern.  The light shining through not only looks awful but competes with the print.  Other than that  a pretty, well put together collection of fabrics.

Here we have an example of how well thought out this room is.  All the colours go together very well.  The wall colour is soft and muted.  And finally...... the Drapes and Romans have been properly lined.  Well done  I say!!

So you see....I am not completely picking on Calico Corners.  I really do enjoy seeing their fabrics and how they put them together is such a great starting point for many people.  It is just occasionally where things fall apart for me.  Am I picky...maybe?  But when it comes to colour and fabric...well it's my life.  So I do tend to be hard on other professionals.

Have a great day everyone.

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