Friday, October 11, 2013


Hey Everyone...hope all is well.  This will be it for a few at the blog.  I won't be posting until next week.  This weekend is Thanksgiving for us in Canada and it's going to be a busy one.  A weekend filled with food, sunshine, great family and wine........ NOT necessarily in that order!  I came across a great Designer that I really like. Her name is Francesca Owings.  She is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan . I like her for many reasons;  not the least being her easy going, beachy inspired interiors.  So sit back and enjoy some inspiration;

To me this is how you use "pickled" wood flooring now.  It certainly is not the "whitewashed" oak that was so popular in the late 80's early 90's.  Now....that type of pickled/whitewashed oak tended to have a pinky undertone to it----ugh!!  Why ugh? can be really difficult to decorate around.  Kudos to those out there that have this wood and have been able to make it work.  Here, it has a Vintage feel to it.  Like it was found somewhere in a beach shed or something.  I love it!!!  I will admit that I am more of a white trim girl, however, I love the use of the wood here.   It has such a natural quality.  And that Pendant!!!  LOVE IT!!

 I really love the colour scheme in here. It is so warm.  So comfortable.

 I am a huge fan of bookcase's on landings.  If you have the space I highly recommend it.  It is such a great use of otherwise blank space.  I really feel that staircases and hallways are the forgotten space.  If I had the space in my own home you can be darn sure I would be putting one of these puppies there!!

Such a lovely and serene space.  And of course- love that beadboard!!  If you go to this pic on Houzz there are comments on the side.  I have to chime in on one of the questions......It was asked what colour this room is painted.  Sometimes the designers will answer the questions other times not.  In this case the designer hasn't. So someone said that the person should print off a copy of this room and take it to the paint store and have them colour match it!! WHOA!!  Do not pass go do not turn that printer on.  Unless you have the Uber printer of all time.  Then DO NOT do this.  Even then I would either find out from the designer or take your lap top/i phone to the store.  Then consult with the salesperson and get a couple of different samples.  WHY you ask??  First of all everyone's monitors are different.  It may not even reflect what the real colour is.  What looks blue to me may in fact look greeney blue to you.  Only ever use a picture as a starting point.  What looks fab in this room may look absolutely horrible in your room due to the quality of the light.  I have talked about this fact many times on this blog and I cannot stress it enough.  The same thing with having Betty Sue down the block having Bleeker Beige in her Family Room and then everyone has to have that may look awesome in her space but look horrible in yours.  Only ever use a colour in a magazine,online or in someone else's space as a starting point.  Don't be a sheeple your own person.

 Love those lockers......And.....if you look closely.....the undertone in the carpet and the wood are the same!!  Hallelujah!!  Someone who understands undertones-I LOVE THAT!!

For me.....this bathroom is as close to perfection as I could ever want.  It has everything I love.  The Trellis Wallpaper (Kelly Wearstler), beadboard, Marble counter, widespread faucet, the sconces (Restoration Hardware??), Subway Tile, Free Standing Tub, and of course that Hundi lantern......Honestly you could just take this as is and ship it to me as is!!! PERECTION!!

The Craftsman inspired Sconces look fabulous here.  As does the coour of stain and the colour green used in the trim.

I cannot recommend that harvest table enough.  I have this table myself and still love it 9 years later.  It has been loved and abused.  We use it everyday.  I highly recommend it.  You can get it at Ethan Allen.

This is such a great example of being bold and letting yourself have a little fun in a small space.  A powder room is such a great space to let your boldness fly.  Again, the Trellis wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler was used but in a bright sunny yellow.  Normally I am not a yellow kinda gal but I love it here.  You could never not smile in this room!!  And that Victorian Freestanding Vanity!!!! Lovely......

So there you have it everyone.  Some Inspiration!  I know it makes me want to change a couple of things in my own space.........
To my Canadian friends out there.....Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.



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