Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey Everyone.........Just finished up a new scarf pattern.  I can't even put into words how lovely the yarn is that I used for it.  I used Classic Elite Fresco.  It is 60% Wool/30%Baby Alpaca/10% I can imagine that a couple of my friends won't be appreciating this one!!!  It is such a lovely yarn.  It knits up beautifully, is soft, has great stitch definition and.....has the slightest halo to it.  I want to knit a bunch of things with it.  I was lucky enough to get it on sale.  I bought mine online at  It comes in some really amazing colours.  For this scarf I chose a soft lilac colour.  I will tell you the back story behind the name after the show......... to the name....well.....for whatever reason it reminded me of an Aunt that passed away a couple of years ago.  An Aunt that I was tremendously fond of.  I can't even put a finger on it why it reminds me of her....but it does.  I thought about Damson Plums....a very british thing and one thing led to another.  Before I had my first born we had quite the conversation back and forth about  names.  She said....."if you have a girl you have to name her Tamsin!"  And she was quite adamant about it.  We went back and forth quite a bit about her favourite name!  Well I had a boy and .......Tamsin he is not!  So for what ever reason it just hit me today to call this lovely little scarf Lady Tamsin.  Now if you ask me it definitely has Guernsey qualities about it......  the cables and the texture.  It could definitely be knit up in a darker for masculine colour for that special guy.  It was knit with a sport weight yarn on a size 3.5mm needle.  The gauge info on the yarn stated that it is 26sts/32 rows on a 3.75mm needle.  I chose to go just a little smaller with a 3.5mm needle.  You could certainly go up or down depending on how tight or loose you knit.
I highly recommend this yarn. It is beyond lovely!! can of course purchase this pattern on Ravelry here.  If you have any comments or questions you can always drop me a line......

Have a great day everyone.


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