Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hey Everyone....just a really quick posting today.  I had a question asked about what the back side of the scarf looks like.  It's funny.....I don't usually give the back side a second thought when it comes to this style of scarf.  When it comes to Guernsey/Aran patterns the front face of the fabric is what really captures the eye.  Usually the backside isn't really much to look at.  The backside of this pattern is interesting, however, the showstopper really is the front.  I am posting a couple of pics to show the back side.

Back of Scarf

Back of Scarf

Front of Scarf

As you can see from the pics the front and back really do look different.  I am hoping to come up with a pattern sometime in the future that truly is reversible.  When doing reversible cables.....let me just say it tends to use A LOT of yarn.....way more than even regular cables do.

Hope this helps those out there that were wondering what the backside looks like.

Have a great day everyone.

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