Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey Everyone....a really quick post today......So my last post I talked about that "Seed Stitch Pillow" from Pottery Barn and that it really is a Garter Stitch pillow.....well...... I emailed them to let them know the error of their ways and NEVER thought in a million years that I would get a response!!!  Well, wonders never cease...I got an email back:

Hello Megan,

Thank you for contacting Pottery Barn.
We appreciate your keen eye and knowledge of you knitting stitches. I have forwarded your request to our management team to investigate and update our website.

Wholly Toledo!!  I was completely blown away!  So THANK YOU POTTERY BARN.  And thank you Marion for getting back to me so quickly.  As I stated in my return email to Marion, my intent was just to let them know and that I was just trying to be helpful.  So we shall see if this helps them in some little way.

I am despartely trying to finish up my poncho.....
Have a great day everyone.

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