Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hey everyone,  Just a very quick posting.  I came across this pillow at Pottery Barn:

First of all....love knit accessories for the home.  I really love this colour combo, always have.  I do however, have a few of issues with this particular pillow.  Maybe not the actual pillow however...let me explain. My first issue with this is the "naming" of the pillow.  They have named it "Seed Stitch Knit Pillow".  Which would be fine if IT WERE SEED STITCH!!!!    See this is one area where I kind of loose my nut.  If you are going to use a "technical" naming term, then at least call it by it's proper name.  For those of you unfamiliar with knitting this particular stitch is known as GARTER STITCH.  Which in knitting terms is the easiest kntting stitch by far.  All you have to do to achieve this lovely stitch pattern is to knit (K) every row- thus giving you the ever popular GARTER STITCH.  Seed stitch is made quite differently and gives a completely different look.  I know this may be just a little detail, however, I am a detail kinda gal!
Secondly, there is NO way on God's green earth I would  pay $65.00 US for this pillow.  That doesn't even include the insert!! It doesn't even cost them much to make this.  It probably cost them all of $3.00 to make- no I am totally serious!  Even if it cost them $10.00 they are still overcharging by far.  Any person who is able to just knit, and I mean know how to do the "knit" stitch could whip this up in no time flat.  I know, I know.....those of you out there are saying....all well and good for you since you know how to knit.  Well folks, I am here to tell you that making something just like this pillow is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.  It is created using the simplist knit stitch there is.  That and it is knit in a heavy gauge-say on a 6mm needle with Aran or Chunky yarn.  Easy Peazy!!  You can make this for less than $20.00.....Yarn, needles and form.  I am serious......I think I have just set a challenge for myself and I will share it with you all.......Oh I love a challenge.
Thirdly, they are using ACRYLIC yarn.  I have no issue with Acrylic yarn.  In fact I intend to do a post real soon on defending this workhorse of a yarn.  However, for $65.00 I expect a little something more...just saying.

I just had to have my say on this one.......I suppose I wouldn't have had such an issue with this lovely pillow if and I mean if they had named it right and offered it up at a reasonable price.  Just my opnion is all.

Have a great day everyone.

I emailed Pottery Barn.  Here it is;

Hi- just wanted to let you know that someone in your design dept. has misnamed an item.  The item is named as "Seed Stitch Knit Pillow".  To those that understand knitwear know that the pillow was NOT made with a Seed Stitch but was actually knit with a GARTER STITCH.  Just a small detail.  However, when it's wrong it's wrong. If a technical name for a product is to be used then perhaps using the right one is in order. Thought I would pass this along.

Hopefully it will make a point.  But somehow I doubt it!!


  1. Too funny, I had the EXACT same sentiment with these pillows. The name, and the fact I was NOT going to pay that much for them. I am an intermediate knitter, and I'm confident I can handle this. I'm trying to put together a pattern now for this one, and then for the cable-knit they also offer to accompany it. (for my own use, don't want PB coming after me!) Just playing with gauge. Do you have any recommendations as to how large to make the 2 squares for a 24x24 cover? I want to allow a little for the volume of the insert, or will stretching the yarn over be fine? Or do I make the squares 24 1/2 x 24 1/2??

  2. Hi Jessica- I had a little chuckle at your comments!! As for your pillows I would make them 24". I say that because they are knit and will stretch. I personally hate it when a pillow is too big for the pillow form. I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. If you need anymore help-just drop me a line. I can also be contacted on Ravelry, that way we can email too! Good Luck!!

  3. LOve your comments. Did you figure out a pattern for this? I am a basic knitter and would love to make these pillows. Thanks!

  4. Hey Marjie- I haven't yet and I apologize....it is one of those things that I have meant to do.....But life, Christmas, kids, life....have gotten in the way. It is so hard to be just one person! I have so many patterns in my head but I can only design and knit so fast....But I promise to try to do something at some point. I wish I could give you a date.....Thanks for checking the blog out and for commenting....it is always appreciated.