Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hey Everyone!  As you know by now I am a huge fan of Gingham.  I can't quite put it into words except that  when I see Gingham it puts a smile on my face.  And if it is a Gingham Rug....well it makes me Uber happy!!
Case in point:

This room makes me kind of giddy.  Gotta love the rug, gotta love that window seat!!

Oh how I would love to have this room in our cottage.  Toile and Gingham...yes please!

What is not to love about this??  That tile! That sink!!  That Faucet!!!  And of course that Rug!!!!

This is a Preppy Dream right here my friends!!!

So there you have Gingham Rug musings..... Hey.....I think I may have to design a little knit something in Gingham.......Why haven't I thought of that before???  I will say that I have always admired the following sock pattern and have always wanted to give it a go......

I mean.....just look at these little lovelies!!!  What I love most about them besides the fact that they are gingham is the variegated red yarn that was adds so much depth to the simplicity of the gingham.
Only I could turn a posting about Gingham Rugs into blogging about Gingham Socks....Guess that's just how I roll!!

Have an awesome day everyone.

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