Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hey Everyone.....As you know I have been thinking of my Master Bedroom.  I have been trying to decide on a colour.  When you are a designer the hardest thing to do is have yourself as your own client.  I see so many possiblities.  You ask any of us and we will say the same thing.  So I am undecided between Organza RLVM275 or Aqua Frost by Waverly.  What is a girl to do?

Here is both of them.

Organza RLVM275-Ralph Lauren

Aqua Frost WV35007-Waverly (Valspar)

The Aqua Frost is more intense while the Organza is more subtle.....decisions....decisions.......

Organza really is lovely and watery......

Choosing a light watery blue can be a challenge.  Blue is that type of colour that really "blues up" in a room.  What do I mean by that?  Well....when you choose a blue many times it can really intensify it's "blueness" on a wall.  I feel you have to be very restrained when picking this type of blue.  You may love it on the chip but put it on the wall and BAM!!  It turns into Baby blue.  So choose wisely if you want a watery light blue.
I did get a tester for the Aqua Frost. It is a very lovely colour, however, it really intensifies when there is a lot of it.

Will keep you posted....
Have a great day

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