Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey Everyone..... I just love it when I see a house and it makes me kinda giddy!  That is exactly how I felt when I saw the following house.  Showcase houses are a great way to either raise money for charities,  show what is new in products or it is a place to really showcase talent.  Either way I love it when I see a great Showcase House.  This one in Houston is such a house....Enjoy:

Wall colour is: Silver Mist SW7621 by Sherwin Williams .  The Cabinet colour is:Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Wall colour is Slate Tile SW7624 Sherwin Williams.  I just love all of the built ins and the brick floor in this mudroom.  The other thing that I really love is the use of stained wood and white painted wood trim throughout the space.

It looks as though they may have carried the same paint colour from the mud room into here- Slate Tile SW7624.  The wall colour looks to be the same as in the hallway- Wool Skein SW6148.   Wool Skein if you were to look on the chip is not at all golden in tone like it looks in the above pic.  It has more of a green undertone to it and looks like a nice light Khaki.

The wall colour is Wool Skein SW6148.  I love the traditional trim throughout this space.  Not to mention the rest of the house.  Again the wall colour looks like it has more of a golden undertone to it in the pic.  If you were looking for a similar undertone then you may want to try SW6133 Muslin.  The chip of Wool Skein really does show a green undertone to it.

The wall colour in this lovely bedroom is Sea Salt SW6204.  As you all know it is one of my favourite watery bluey greeny paint colours of all time!!

Isn't is gorgeous???  This amazing home was created by Stone Acorn Builders.  You can see their work here and here.  They are based out of Houston.

I hope this gave a little inspiration today.

Have a great day everyone.

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