Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey everyone......the first long weekend is upon us and we get to celebrate the official 1st long weekend of the summer!! WHOO HOO!! I so live for spring and summer.  I was just having a conversation just this morning about how  it would be great to live somewhere that doesn't have winter.  I know, I know....there are tons of people out there that love winter!  Well Kudos to you my friends!  I wish I did, I truly do.  However, I am at my happiest when I can wear capri pants, a t-shirt and flip flops!!  That's just how I roll!!  I suppose Australia would be such a place...but then I joked about how it seems that everything down there wants to kill you!!  Don't get me wrong I have dreamed of going to Australia forever.  I can't remember when I didn't want to go.  And the funny thing is my family was supposed to move there from England all those years ago....however, the visa fell through and we ended up here in the Great White North instead of the Great Barrier Reef!!!  Go figure!!  So..... as this is supposed to be a quick posting......
I just wanted to give a sneak peek at my neck Scarf pattern.  It was made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.  I was in one of my favourite yarn stores (Spun) last Monday and I couldn't resist buying it.  It was like Candy all wrapped up in Wool and Silk!!  So I went ahead and made a "one ball wonder".  It is probably one of the funkier things I have come up with. When I finish writing up the pattern I will let you know...should be up and running by Tues of next week on Ravelry.  It is a slightly involved pattern writing process this time as it has a major chart and a little tutorial on making Pompoms!!  Curious yet??

Just a little snap shot of what is to come.  I truly loved making something so different from what I normally knit or design.  Gotta love thinking outside the box sometimes.

Have an amazing weekend everyone.......


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