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Hey Everyone....I have a new Yarn Recipe for you.  I might have mentioned in a previous post or two how much I love Purl Bee.  They truly have amazing yarns. They also have patterns that have an elegant simplicity about them.  They aren't overly complicated for the most part.  And many times they can really play on texture.  However,  so many times their yarn for a particular project can be out of my snack bracket.  One such project is the Seed Stitch Wrap:

How stunningly gorgeous is this little number?  You can just see by the pic how scrumptious the yarn is.  One of my favourite stitches is Seed Stitch.  It is soooo easy.  It is basically a modified 1x1 rib.  You K1, P1 across the row.  On the next row you would Purl the knit stitches and Knit the Purl stitches in other words Row 1: K1, P1,  Row 2: P1,K1...couldn't be easier.  It is time consuming since you are constantly switching from a knit to a purl stitch.  However, the results are texturally stunning and it is a really great mindless knit.  And if you knit it with an over the top amazing yarn....well the results are- amazing!!!
The yarn that they used for this porject is:

The pattern calls for 11 different colours.  Aren't they stunning together??  You can buy the yarn as a kit here.  You will have to break the bank for this one as it will cost you $407.40!!  Yikes.  Which....if you can afford it.....you will have yourself one STUNNING wrap my friend.  However, for the rest of us we may just have to wait...... or......use another yarn to create a similar one.  I have put together my version at a cost that most people would be able to handle.

  Now.....I totally understand that the yarn that I have chosen is different.  The Purl Bee yarn has a "hand dyed" quality to it....but I think the above colours would work just fine.  The yarn that I chose is Cascade 220.  If you knit a lot or have done so for awhile then you will be familiar with this great yarn.  It truly is one of my fav's.  It is such a workhorse and feels great too.  It is 100% Wool.  But it is such a lovely wool.  It comes in like a Cagillion colours or there abouts!!  Above is the list that I chose for this project.  This yarn is available in most yarn stores and sells for around $9.99/ball.  You get 220yds per ball which is fantastic!  You may be lucky enough to buy it on sale.  It is currently on sale here at Yarn.com.  So if you bought the yarn for this project at your local store it would cost around $110.00 dollars.  Not cheap by any standards but a great price for a project with 11 colours in it made with great yarn.  If you bought it online at Yarn.com it would cost $61.49.  Quite the savings either way from the original at Purl Bee.  Let me say that if you choose the yarn I chose than what is called for in the pattern it will NOT look quite the same or have the same "hand" as the Purl Bee...as that yarn is quite luxurious....However I think the yarn I chose would look mighty fine.
Do you know which yarn I would love to make this amazing wrap with??  Classic Elite Fresco.  It is like Butter.....  the fibre content is: 60% Wool/30% Baby Alpaca/10% Angora.  It is like a dream.  If you can stretch your budget just a little bit each ball costs anywhere from $7.95 on sale to $13.95.  But it is like a dream.  It has great stitch definition yet has a lovely fuzziness to it.

I have always wanted to knit something with this amazing yarn.  Will keep you posted if I get any!!

So there you have it everyone.  My Recipe for the Seed Stitch Wrap.
Have a great day!


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