Friday, May 31, 2013


Hey Everyone!  I am sure that you will all have thought I have lost my mind.  I am being totally assaulted with Gray and Orange in my world.  As I said.... I have been working on the Man's office as of late and those 2 colours are the main colours that are being used.  So I suppose that I am noticing it everywhere.  I came across this great little kitchen.  If you are into eclectic, bordering on slightly modern then this kitchen will be your cup of tea.  And from the looks of it, it can be recreated on a fairly good budget.  With a little paint and a little flair you too can come up with something just like this.......

What a great little kitchen.  It really has a great 70's vibe to it yet it is also modern.  I love the hit of Orange on the Upper Cabinets.  The only thing I may have done differently was to use a different back splash.  But that is just me... not a criticism....  It's just I think it needs something a little more neutral.  I do love the Ceasarstone Counter tops...... at least I think that is what it is.  Overall I really love this kitchen and feel it is the kind of look anyone in any budget can achieve.  This is a great example on how one can achieve a great modern look without breaking the bank!!

Have a great day everyone.....

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