Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hey Everyone- last week I was at Michael's and came upon a chenille yarn.  It has been years since I have knit with a chenille yarn.  I bought 3 skeins and each cost $2.99.  Not bad at all I say.  Now let me start off by saying that I went ahead and made a scarf and didn't even get pics of the actual skeins.  I thought..... I will just download a pic of the yarn when I am doing my posting!!  YEA RIGHT!!  Let me say that the folks on over at Michael's and Loops and Threads are a little slow when it comes to promoting their yarn.  They really do a VERY POOR JOB at marketing their yarn.  Maybe they think that since so many people go to Michael's that perhaps they don't have to put the effort into actual Marketing of some of their products.  Well this knitter thinks that they really are missing the boat when it comes to the web.  They have a very poor presence.  Yet they really have some very decent yarns for the price.  Their loss really.  Maybe they think that their knitting consumers aren't very tech savvy??  Maybe they don't think that people will check for yarn on the web.  Check for it to either purchase or to check it out.  Maybe they don't think that people will be looking for patterns to go with their yarn???  Either way the result is the same.  Maybe with more rants like mine they will wake up and smell the millennium....  enough of my rant!!
I couldn't help myself when I saw this yarn.  It has such a great variegation to it and was really soft.  To top it off it was knit on a size 9mm needle.  That my friends allows you to knit up a nice big and snuggly soft scarf in no time flat.  Took me about 4hrs to knit the following:

It really was a very easy knit....Recipe as follows:
Cast on 14 sts on size 9mm needle.
Knit every row (garter stitch).
BO after using up all 3 skeins.  Approx 8"x66"
That's it!!
Eazy Peazy Scarfineazy!!
Why Garter stitch you ask.  Well..... when it comes to a yarn like a thick chenille- easy and basic is best.  It really allows the yarn to take center stage.  Plus if you try to do anything too fancy it won't really show up due to the properties of the chenille yarn.
Would I recommend this to a beginner?  No...not really.  I recommend it to someone who knows how to knit even though all you are doing is a basic knit stitch.  That's not to say that someone new shouldn't try it- not at all.  The only reason I mention it is that it can be hard to see the stitches.  It is kinda like knitting with the force!  Due to the chenille, it tends to hide the stitches.  So that if you are new it may make it a little challenging to see what you are knitting.  But hey....if you are up for a little challenge...then go for it.  The results really are amazing.  It is so soft and squishy!!  And at under $10.00 it would make a great gift for someone or a great little gift for yourself.

So there you have it Michael's and Loops and Threads are you listening???
Have a great day everyone!!



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    1. Thank you for posting the instructions. I have also bought this yarn but have absolutely no idea what to make with it. Michael's web site is of no use at all - not even a mention about this beautiful yarn.

    2. No problem Elaine- It was my pleasure. I totally agree about them not promoting it- such a waste! I hope the pattern works out-if you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line.