Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hey Everyone....Hope all is well.   I came across a fabulous room on Houzz.  It is one of those rooms that has a definite wow factor to it.  I know that colour isn't for everyone but for those that do love it then this room is for you:

This amazing room was designed by S & K Interiors.  You should check out their other spaces- they are an amazing example of a melding of traditional with modern as well as an amazing use of colour.  They have made some really great spaces.  One of the things I love most about this room is the wall colour:

Farrow and Ball Orangery No.70:

It is the most amazing gold colour with a big orange undertone to it.  Or maybe to you it is a golden orange.  Either way it makes a huge statement.  Yet in the above space it looks fabulous without being overwhelming. I think the above room is such a great example of how to decorate such a space.  Even if you are not crazy aboth the wall colour one can take a lot away from the above room.
The Desiginers have done a fabulous job of using the space.  By creating 2 separate seating areas it really does help to "fill" the space.
They have also masterfully filled the fireplace wall.  This type of space can be quite a challenge to decorate around as I have stated in previous postings.  They have used a huge mirror to bounce more light. The artwork has a "quite" presence-yet it definitely helps to fill in the wall space.  I love how they used a contrasting colour in the bookshelves to highlight them-such a great shot of colour.  By hanging the art and the mirror the way in which they have, they have really provided a great focal point as well as help to anchor that wall in such a tall setting.  It is so easy to go overboard or to put too little-it is such a fine balance.  They also used trim to not only highlight that area but to add another layer of visual interest.  You all know from previous postings that I am not usually a fan of double height rooms- to me they are just wasted space, however, in this instance it really works.  I love how they did not "over work" the window treatments and used white wood blinds only.  It truly is restful for the eye and does not distract from the view that has been framed.  So many times people want to add heavy, voluminous window treatments to a space such as this.  Sometimes it is called for, other times like this room, restraint is such a good thing.
I too love the colour combo they have used in this space- The gold,blue and red colour scheme really looks fresh in this light filled space.

Here are a couple of other spaces that Orangery graces:

There is one more space that I remember from Canadian House and Home magazine.  A family changed their dining room into a craft space for the family.  I wish I could find a pic of this space.  I remember it so distinctly.....it was the first time that I ever say Orangery.  And it looked so amazing in this space.  When I find the magazine-as I am sure that I kept that pic...I will pass it along.

So if you are in the market for a full on Gold with an orange undertone then Orangery will be just the thing.
Have a great day everyone.


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