Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey everyone... just a very quick posting today.  If any of you out there are looking to renovate but don't really have any sense of what one should or should not do.... let me point out this one little piece of info for you all.
When renovating a kitchen it so important that you think of how you actually use the space.  You should think about your work triangle.  I am sure that this concept is NOT new to most of you..however to some of you out there, when you work in your kitchen.... if you were to draw an imaginary line between your stove, fridge and sink it SHOULD create a triangle.  I do understand that in some instances that this may not be possible.  However, if you do have that triangle or something close to it, the magic number you should be reaching for is less than 26 feet.  Meaning that if you were to draw that magical line between all those stations, those lines would be less than 26 feet.  Why is this important.  Well let me tell you.... It all has to do with ones intelligent use of space.  If you go over this magic number you end up doing a whole lot of walking and that isn't good for anyone.  Case in point:

Source unknown-sorry!

This is a perfect example of a great kitchen triangle- tight and over simplified but you get the idea.

What I wanted to speak about most of all in this posting is safety and function.  When I saw the next pic I almost lost my nut!

Now as I have stated in the past I am NOT here to be mean or nasty.  However, when I see something that is so wrong in so many ways I want to bring it up so that others out there that may face problems in a space or are about to tackle a space.... well... I want to give a little food for thought.
NEVER, EVER have a stove without landing space. EVER!!  Have I made myself clear?? Landing space is just that.  When you take something out of the oven or off the stove you need somewhere to put it and you may need to put it fast.  This above kitchen  is an example of what not to do, to the nth degree..... For so many reasons, one being NO LANDING SPACE, the other being.....never, ever put a stove next to a fridge like this.  It is so wrong on so many levels I can't believe I am seeing this.  This space has SO much potential and I mean so much.... but this is NOT the way to do it.  I am in no way saying that this kitchen does not have potential.  However in the long run this is not how you would want to renovate.  I understand that we all have challenges when renovating but being smart about it is just the first step.  To the average person this may not seem all that bad- a fridge next to a stove.  And really in the scheme of things it may not be, however, since there is NO landing space I just had to bring it up.  It is Kitchen 101 my friends.  So if you are in the market to reno your kitchen- be smart about it- ask advice- take lots of questions to the experts or ask someone like ME.  If I don't know the answer I can certainly point you in the right direction.  KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE!!

Here is a better option for the space like the one above.

Yes... I know.. I has an island-but get rid of the island and this is a way better lay out.
In the original kitchen I am ranting about...take away the "bar sink", place the fridge and a pantry there.  Put cabinets on either side of the stove and now you have storage on either side of the stove and now you have a pantry my friends-VOILA!!!  Just think about your space.  DO NOT Compromise.  Function is EVERYTHING!!

Enough of my rant for the day......
Have a great day everyone.

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