Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hey Everyone.... I was in a new yarn store we have here in Burlington... Knit n' Stitch.  It is a little yarn store that is just starting out.  It has a couple of my favourites in there:

Vintage Berrocco


Cascade 220
These two are really amazing all around yarns.  They are made with a fabulous quality wool.  LOVE these yarns.

Whenever I go into a yarn store- I was in 3 of them between Paris (On), Ancaster and Burlington on Wed, what I am always looking for is a great yarn around the 26-28sts/4" mark.  I really love to make scarves that have detail in them.  However, trying to find a yarn in this gauge that isn't sock yarn can be a challenge.  Oh, I know, I could probably go onto and find something but I have to be able to feel it if it is a yarn that I have not come into contact with before.  Since the patterns that I love to create are generally accessories I try to make them in a soft feeling yarn.  However, the difficulty can be trying to find a yarn in that given gauge with a soft  hand yet have great stitch definition.  I'm not asking for much am I??  I truly love creating scarf patterns in this gauge as is evidenced by my
Easy as Pie Scarf:

And the Winding Way Scarf:

Both of these scarves were created using Paton's Lace.  I love that this yarn has a fuzziness to it yet has great stitch definition.  The only issue and it isn't one for me is that it does have wool in it so it may be slightly itchy to some.
So I have wanted to find a new yarn to create with and I may just have.  While in Knit n' Stitch I got talking to the owner and she suggested that I order some yarn from her books.  So I had a look through and I did indeed find something.  Although I could only touch little samples in the book, I think that it may be just what I was looking for- keep fingers crossed.  I ordered 3 balls of this loveliness:

It is a 4 ply yarn from New Zealand.  It is 100% New Zealand Merino Wool. I ordered a soft gray.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  It is being ordered and hopefully it will be in soon.  Keep fingers crossed that it has just the right amount of softness yet has great stitch definition.

There is just something so satisfying about designing these little scarves that I LOVE.  There is something sort of Vintagey about them.  Yes they take a little time to make.  No they are not Super easy to make, however, they aren't complicated either.... but they are so worth it.  I can't tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my Easy as Pie Scarf.  I can't wait to create more!!
Will keep you all posted.

Have a great day everyone.

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