Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy Easter everyone!  Hopefully you had your fill of Ham this past weekend or were able to do whatever you wanted to do, to give you some inner piece and happiness.  I spent a great weekend filled with family, food and wine!
I came across this amazing interior and had to share it with you all.  I know that I have been on a bit of a Modern kick lately, however, I really think that for those of us that love Traditional design we can still incorporate little modern ideas as well.
The following is a Victorian Duplex and both sides have been renovated: I will show one side today

For the most part I love it when a Victorian is painted with many colours, however, in this instance I truly love how using 1 colour really lends an air of Modernity to this Victorian.

Gotta love those Bertoia bar Stools.  One place they can be purchased is at DWR.  Not only would they look right at home in a Modernized nautical setting but those Pendants and floating shelves would as well.

Choose any of the above and they too would look awesome in a Nautical Setting.  Have my eye on that coffee table myself!!

A similar floor lamp would be the AJ at DWR

A similar Pendant can be found at Union Lighting.

I hope that this has given a little bit of inspiration for the day.
Have a great day everyone.


P.S... I almost forgot to add that this amazing reno was by San Francisco architect Todd Davis Architecture.

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