Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hey Everyone.... Hope all is well??  I was in the store the other day and came upon this months addition of Country Living Magazine:

It was one of those moments of...... ohhhhhhh...... I like that.  I love the colours on the front of the magazine. I suppose it is the same colours that I am looking at putting in my bedroom.  Could it be Kismet??  Seeing the blackboard as the backround made me want to paint behind my bed one of the colours I spoke of yesterday::Martha Stewart Wrought Iron MSL168.  Although I do not wish to have a chalkboard behind my bed I do like the dramatic colour.  Wrought Iron has the same feel as the colour shown above.  It is a very deep inky grayed out navy- quite the description I know.  But it really is a complex colour.  At first glance one may think that it is black, however, on further inspection it definitely has a navy undertone to it.

Wrought Iron MSL168

I just love that aqua/minty dresser in front of that dark backround.  It is such a great pop of colour.

So it got me thinking about Navy and Mint:

Isn't Navy and Mint such a great combo??

Have a great day everyone.

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