Monday, April 15, 2013


Hey Everyone.... Sorry there was no posting on Fri or much of one today.  Dealing with sick kids last week and now my youngest is sick again!!  He was very lumpy this weekend.  You know your child is sick when they don't bug their older brother- it was very quite this weekend!!  And we celebrated our eldest becoming a teenager- 13!! How is that possible??  I am now the mother of a teenager!!

He is awesome.  He is the kind of kid that parents dream of.  He is smart, caring, kind, great sense of humour and of course devilishly handsome- and has dimples to boot!!  I know I am biased.  He totally rocks.  Unfortunately, my youngest was unable to participate as he was sick all weekend with the Flu- not the stomach kind thank goodness!  Life is never dull is it??

I will be posting regular posts soon....Hope all is well in your Universe and you are all well.

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